Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The ladies who do not want the sex

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  Among the sex problems, no willing to make sexx and no feeling during sex is the most occurrence problem.

These problems occur when human culture start to develop. There is no women who do not want the sex in earlier era. There is no animal that does not want sexx. Nowadays, these problems occur due to the human culture.

There are two different case in this problem.
A. The women who totally do want the sexx
B. The women who do not feel anything even though they make sexx

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Saturday, 10 November 2012


တစ္ကုိယ္တည့္း စိတ္ေၿဖၿခင္း
     Human's basic desire include eating and making sexx. Many people think that a baby eat since born but sexx desire started when grow up. Nowaday, it is not true according to scientist research. If you can analyst the baby around your neighbour, you will notice that they are interested in sexx since 3 to 5 years old age.

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