Saturday, 29 September 2012

DrTinShwe - Introduction

Everyday, everybody eats rice but the way how they eat is different. Some people eat a little bit just to survive. Some people eat the rice a lot. It depends on how their wife prepare the rice.  Eventhough it is the same rice, the taste is different.
 Samething, every couple make sex but it is different.
 - Why some men marry the prostitute?
 - Why single young guy marry to divoced old woman?
 - Why some prositutes got many guests but some got very less?

The sex problem can be solved by understanding each other without having special medicine.

Extracted from, DrTinShwe 's book အဆင့္ၿမင့္ ဖိုမပညာ

ဖုိမ ပညာ Ebook

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