Saturday, 10 November 2012


တစ္ကုိယ္တည့္း စိတ္ေၿဖၿခင္း
     Human's basic desire include eating and making sexx. Many people think that a baby eat since born but sexx desire started when grow up. Nowaday, it is not true according to scientist research. If you can analyst the baby around your neighbour, you will notice that they are interested in sexx since 3 to 5 years old age.

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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Men hormone - Dr Tin Shwe

There are various types of hormone to circulate the process in human body. I will express only the sex hormone in this post. The hormone is the type of liquid which can spread into the whole body without having tube.

Especially, the men pennis produce the male hormone.  Another glan near the kidney also produce the male hormone. So, women also have some little male hormone.

When a guy grow up, the voice change, taller, the hair grow up and the pennis grow up due to this male hormone.

Extracted from DrTinShwe 's book "အဆင့္ၿမင့္ ဖုိမပညာ"

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DrTinShwe - Introduction

Everyday, everybody eats rice but the way how they eat is different. Some people eat a little bit just to survive. Some people eat the rice a lot. It depends on how their wife prepare the rice.  Eventhough it is the same rice, the taste is different.
 Samething, every couple make sex but it is different.
 - Why some men marry the prostitute?
 - Why single young guy marry to divoced old woman?
 - Why some prositutes got many guests but some got very less?

The sex problem can be solved by understanding each other without having special medicine.

Extracted from, DrTinShwe 's book အဆင့္ၿမင့္ ဖိုမပညာ

ဖုိမ ပညာ Ebook

Monday, 24 September 2012

Dr Tin Shwe

Welcome To this blog.
I'm not Dr Tin Shwe.
I just created this blog for those who want to read DrTinShwe's book online.

I intendent to those who already married or planned to marry.

I think every couples should know the proper sexual guide.